Wildest poker variations you can play at miami casinos


Casinos in Miami offer excitement and glitz. Beyond just standard games like Texas Hold’em, Miami casinos offer a wide range of wildly creative poker variations to amp up the fun. Poker rules are altered, betting is creative, and bonus payouts enhance these unique games.

Omaha 8 or better

Omaha 8 or Better, sometimes called “Omaha High-Low Split”, is a dramatic departure from standard poker hands. Instead of one winner per hand, Omaha 8 crowns both a high-hand winner and a low-hand winner, splitting the pot. Low hands require two-hole cards with five cards lower than an eight. Straights and flushes don’t count for low hands. High hands follow traditional poker rankings. This dual-winning option amps up the action, and the ability to scoop an entire pot makes big pots even more intense. Several Miami casinos offer Omaha 8 games, like Magic City Casino and Calder Casino. The variety of available low and high hands completely shakes up poker strategy. Every dealt hand now has two paths to win, fueling creative gameplay.

Crazy pineapple

For a zany twist, try Crazy Pineapple Poker the next time you visit Miami. Played like standard Hold’em, this variation adds one twist – you are dealt three hole cards instead of 2, and you must discard 1 before the flop. Having an extra card opens up your options pre-flop, but discarding 1 hole card mid-hand forces you to pivot your strategy on the fly. Players may also ditch pocket pairs to draw flushes or straights for big pots. Play Crazy Pineapple at Magic City Casino, Miami Club Casino, and more.

Strip poker

For some risqué fun, Miami casinos like Playboy Club and Hialeah Park Casino offer Strip Poker nights where winners claim clothing items. As you win more hands, the losing players strip down almost completely. Strip Poker is Miami’s wildest poker variant with the strip tease element. As the clothes come off, players feel the pressure to battle back before ending up in just their undergarments in front of cheering crowds. Click to read more here on the official website.

Five card draw deuces wild

At casinos like Gulfstream Park and Big Easy Casino, you play Five Card Draw with a Deuces Wild twist. Like an ordinary Five Card Draw, you’re dealt 5 cards, then swap out up to 4 cards to improve your hand. Using deuces, you form 5-of-a-kind or even 6-of-a-kind hands for massive payouts. A four and a two gives you a five of a kind. Five Deuces lets you choose your hand, like a Royal Flush.

Caribbean stud poker

Looking for a poker game with bonus payouts? Try Caribbean Stud Poker for a chance to win a progressive jackpot. You play this casino table game against the dealer. If you hit a Royal Flush, you could bag the entire prize, sometimes worth over $100k at venues like Seminole Hard Rock Casino. Caribbean Stud offers the fast pace of casino poker but with a slot machine payout. The jackpot gives you a shot to hit it big off any hand. The Miami Heat ratchets up even further when the jackpot hits seven figures.

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